Get Him Back Forever by Matt Huston

There are few things in life worse than getting dumped.  At least that is how you are feeling right now, right?  Your world as you know it has crashed, fast.  Maybe it hasn’t been so fast, but the crash is definitely there.

You’ve gone through the obligatory ice cream and girlfriend vent fest, you may have even washed some of that down with a little bit of tequila.  And now you’re actually feeling, well, worse.

That’s what tequila does to you.  But nobody remembers that until the next morning.  As you are sitting at your computer screen the next morning, hoping your cup of coffee will wash away some tequila fog you are at a point where you want to fix this train wreck fast.  So, you start with your all knowing friends the search engines. THEY will surely have the answers you need that your girlfriends and Aunt Tequila Rose could not provide. Within minutes you feel you have the answer to your prayers.  “Get Him Back Forever” by Matt Huston.  A book that promises to have him crawling back to you on his hands and knees begging for you back.  A fresh cup of coffee is poured to match your fresh outlook, and off you go.

Can it be so easy to get him back with one little book? It can be, if you realize it’s not about the book, but about the power the information inside can provide for you.  In Get Him Back Forever Matt Huston uses his Master’s Degree in psychology and years of relationship coaching to teach you how to get inside the mind of your man, and get him back forever.

Over the next 67 pages you will wonder why you wasted time on Aunt Tequila when all of the answers are right here.  Matt teaches you what your ex is thinking about right now, how to push his emotional buttons, and not only how to get him back, but how to get him to…yes….commit.

Forget everything you’ve read before about how you can’t change a man, Matt says, shows, and proves that, yes you can.  How?

Have you or your girlfriends ever wished out loud that you could perform Jedi mind tricks on your guy? C’mon now, be real, you know you have.  I know I have, I’m not afraid to say it out loud.  Trust me when I say honey, we aren’t the only gender that wishes we could control the thoughts of the other.

And the truth is that you can, and that’s exactly what Matt is bringing to the table. Before you get all skeptical and uncomfortable, remember how crappy you were feeling last night.  Or, “that night” that you used every toxic resource possible to try and forget him?

If you want to Get Him Back Forever, Matt proposes a system that should do just that.  It might be uncomfortable, but it can’t possibly be worse than sifting through the foggy morning after with Aunt Tequila.

Here’s What You Will Get From It

Essentially, the only thing on your mind right now is how much you miss your guy, and how much you want to get him back.  So, Matt cuts to the chase pretty quick.  And, he makes no bones about the process, you know what you are getting into from his first few words.  “Discover Dirty Psychological Tricks to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Beg…”  If you are at all squeamish or uncomfortable about the very notion then you should stop reading right there.  But you don’t.  Nobody does.  Because all you can think about is how much you miss your guy and want him back.  So, onto the system you go.

And you go through 67 pages of the dirty little tricks he says so right from the beginning.  He describes it himself as a step by step blueprint that will give you an unfair advantage even.  What is the unfair advantage? 

Simple psychology really.

Which is all anybody really wants to understand better about their partner ANYWAY.  Which is why the breakup probably happened, right? Exactly.  You will be walked through all the who’s and the why’s of the breakup birth, and how to take it from there.  It’s not just about the “dirty tricks”, Matt shows you how to get to the root of the problem so that you can fix it, and show your ex you’re not the girl he broke up with, but the girl he fell in love with.  Get it? 

You’ll keep hearing about these emotional triggers or hot buttons men have, and Matt shows you how to push them to get your ex to shift his perspective of you.  It really is as simple as that, and not as dirty as he claims even.  It’s a simple process of getting inside the mind of a man, and knowing what buttons to push to make him behave a certain way.  It can sound manipulative of course if you want to put that spin on it, but it is the nature of human behavior.  What angle do you think men are going for when they bring flowers home for us unexpectedly?  They are doing that to get us to respond in a specific way.  We all do it.  Matt shows you a way to handle that step by step, and still walk the high road in the process.

What I Liked

Matt’s book was only 67 pages which made it very short and sweet and to the point.  This is exactly what you need when you are in this state.  His methods are very transparent in the sense that he makes no bones or apologies for them, and is very upfront about their unconventional tactics.  Where some people may get turned off by that approach, I felt this lent to his credibility.  I also liked that he offered his personal home address to contact him by mail if I had any questions about my specific situation.  I didn’t know this before purchase so it was a nice touch.  Overall, his shoot from the hip approach was a great perspective.

My Concerns

I was a little curious about the amount of his coverage in handling the “No Contact” portion of events.  I personally think this period in the breakup is the most fragile so, I think he could have had a bit more meat here on that topic.  I could see it as an area that women would want more information on how to handle that quick break of ties well. 


As far as I am concerned as a buyer, many times the testimonials don’t make me or break me.  My decision is usually made by then so I generally take them with a grain of salt either way.  In Matt’s case, he offers testimonials in the version of Success Stories.  If the quality of the testimonials doesn’t satisfy you, Matt is reporting an 83.6 % success rate.  So… the system is clearly working for somebody.

Is it worth the cost?

A little modest on bonuses with this book, but that seems to be Matt’s style, no bells and whistles.  It’s a fair price at $37, with a 100% guarantee.  You shouldn’t be worried about that though, do you really wanna be the girl that’s gonna return a book on how to get your boyfriend back? No, nobody does.  83.6% success rate shows you probably won’t even have to worry about that.

Final Rating:  3.5 out of 5 hearts.

Overall, Matt’s book is worth the purchase, but it was missing something in the sense that I was left wanting more.  Not sure what, I thought the content was excellent, provocative, and definitely shifted my perspective somewhat.  

Extending in some areas of his more thought provoking methods might be a consideration for a future edition.  As well, again this is another relationship book that involves some manipulation tactics.  That is just one of those personal things that everybody will have a different opinion on. Mine is, if you are at the point where you are buying relationship books to get your boyfriend back, there isn’t a whole lot left to lose. 

If your relationship is on the line, I think the 83.6% success rate speaks for itself. 

So, my recommendation is to go for it. At this point, this could be start of good things happening for you.