Seduce Your Ex by Jason Collins

how to get him backIf you are a woman that is fresh off a breakup and have reached the point where you will do anything to get your boyfriend back, “Seduce Your Ex” by Jason Collins is a definite must read.  The book is subtitled and promoted as “The Ultimate Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program” and this is exactly what it offers, a step by step recovery program to get your boyfriend back.

The book is written by Jason Collins who has ten years of relationship coaching to bring to the table, and he offers in the video on his home page a tool that will help you survive a breakup, and even better, have him come back to you even more committed than before.  Jason speaks frequently of the emotional hot buttons you need to push if you want him to come back, and how he is going to teach you how to push them.

Before you even read the book you are comforted.  Jason seems to know what he is talking about, and though his methods appear different, you are at a point where you will try anything.  Everything you have tried up to this point hasn’t worked, so Jason’s plan seems to make sense. 

In the opening chapters of the book Jason explains why this has happened in the first place.  You will begin to understand your breakup, your role in it, and gain some invaluable insight into your partner’s perspective.  You will learn how to manage your charged emotional state, and how to come out of the breakup as gracefully and elegantly as possible. 

In later chapters Jason offers his step by step plan that entails of a series of methods and psychological tools to use to seduce your ex boyfriend and to have him crawling back to you.

Jason continues to encourage the use of the tool pushing his emotional hot buttons, using methods such as reverse rejection to get him thinking differently about you.  There is not much opportunity along the way to become confused, as Jason’s methods are step by step and easy to follow, if you have the hutzpah to follow them.
Jason’s methods are based on how the male mind works and thus the book is intended for women. 

He says these methods are sure to have him crawling back to you and begging to get you back into his life.  One unique element to Jason’s methods and book is that he takes getting your ex boyfriend back one step further by even going so far as to suggest that his methods can even help him come back to you more committed than ever before.

How This Book Helps You

Most women fresh from a breakup are asking themselves a lot of questions.  Or they are asking their boyfriend all of these questions and driving him away even further.  Jason’s book is the answer to all of these questions which provides some comfort to women still emotionally charged from a breakup:

  1. Why did he dump me?
  2. Why do men want what they can’t have?
  3. What is the one secret that will get my ex boyfriend back?
  4. What do I need to know about him that will get him back?
  5. Is there any hope for me if he is with another woman? (Jason says, yes.)
  6. What do I need to do to get him to fall back in love with me?

These questions are answered, and more.  More information such as secrets about men most women don’t know, the mistakes you are making to get him back (and why you should stop these mistakes), and how to  keep him in love with you when he DOES come back.

What I Liked

Overall there is little not to like about this book.  This book provides insight into the mind of the man. Honest insights that just can’t be found anywhere else.  The easy to follow map on the reverse rejection model was outstanding.  What many women lack in the end of a relationship is insight into its ending, their role, and what their partner is going through.  This book filled-in those gaps which makes it much easier for any woman to consider using the described methods with the confidence necessary to pull them off. 

This book is a definite confidence booster and delivers what it promised.

My Concerns

Many of the methods described here are not exactly for the weak of heart.  These methods fall under the quote “all is fair in love and war,” and so those that are concerned about manipulative means of getting him back may not really like these methods.  This however should not be a surprise as Jason himself states on his web site his methods are unconventional.  There is plenty of validity to Jason’s methods and they do appear to work consistently, but they are alternative in nature and thus may not be appreciated by everybody.
Testimonials were entered to look like blog comments (which I liked) and there were plenty of them. They each had date and time stamps on them. This did lend to the credibility of the product.

Pricing, Bonuses and Guarantee

The pricing seemed reasonable at $47, it did compare higher than other dating books.  Upon receiving the product, it appeared that the book was also comparatively longer than the average dating ebook and also came with a free bonus membership to Jason’s “Seduce Your Ex” website, thus making the cost seem fair. Frankly, I was hoping the book was going to work its magic and I wouldn’t need the membership site so much, but that’s the risk you take and the free membership was a nice little insurance policy. 

The book was backed by a 100% guarantee which made the price also very worthwhile to at least consider taking a peek at these “unconventional” methods.

Recommendation – Two Thumbs Up, 5 out of 5 hearts

This book is for women that have been through a tough breakup and need a point blank system that is as fail safe as the game of love can be.  That’s what this book promises to provide, and it does so in precisely the unconventional methods it warns you it will use.  The premise here is that breaking up is going to be very uncomfortable.  But if it the relationship really is worth that much to you, this is what you are going to have to do to get him back.  For the woman that is in that state, that will actually do anything to get him back, this book is the perfect answer.  This is an excellent resource when you have reached the “what have I got to lose at this point?” stage.

Beyond the unconventional methods is practical advice that you will find helpful in terms of getting your confidence back in the dating game again.