The M3 System Making Up Made Easy by Michael Griscold

If you’ve just been dumped then I know, the word “easy” may as well be “impossible” because nothing seems easy right now.  Everything SEEMED to be pretty easy not all that long ago, but then the rug got pulled out from under you and now nothing makes sense anymore. 

If this is the case, the one thing you do know is that you can’t go through this alone.  It’s important to have that time with your girlfriends and your dates Ben and Jerry, but you know that’s not productive.  It does make you feel better, but that never lasts.  Why?  Because all your girlfriends want to tell you is how you are better off without him and he wasn’t good enough for you.

The worst part is, they think they’re helping!  All you can think about is how you want to get back together with him and they are making it VERY clear that they think that’s the worst thing you can do.

But you’ve been the girlfriend on the other side of it, so you know why they are saying that.  Because they hate seeing you hurt and want the person that caused that to suffer, that’s all. And they truly believe that life without you would be suffering, that’s why they are your girlfriends.  So, let them console you in the supportive way that you need right now, but the truth is, if you really can’t stop thinking about how to get him back, it’s time to buckle down.  And clearly, your girlfriends may not be much help here, so you are going to need to equip yourself with your own. 

Along comes the Making up Made Easy system by Michael Griscold, that will take you step by step through that process.  It really is as easy as that.  He uses his own heart wrenching experiences and countless interviews to do exactly what your girlfriends won’t do. Take you by the hand and help you get him back, one step at a time.

The 3 M’s stand for Mindset, Method, and Moving Forward. Right off the bat you can see how Michael has organized his course into an easy system that changes your mindset, gives you a method, and teaches you how to move forward.  He does so in a series of video modules and guides that lay it right out for you.  Finish one video, move to the next, watch your perspective change on the entire situation in a matter of a few hours.  I don’t want to keep repeating myself but it really IS that easy.

Not only do you work with an end game in mind, but you really truly will start to understand things better.  One of the worst parts of the breakup is not knowing the why’s.  Michael takes you through a perspective that shows you, what the why’s REALLY are (they aren’t what you think, either by the way) and why they don’t even really matter at this point.  All of the questions that are keeping you awake at night, when you go over every little detail wondering what you could have done different, Michael squashes it all. You will never lay awake at night again, because after this system, a LOT will make so much more sense to you if nothing else.  And, when it comes to breakups, you just can’t put a price on answers.

What’s In it for You

Well, I’ve said it a couple of times already, but perspective will be your greatest gift from this system.  And, Michael touts that that perspective change with a few things of your own will help you get him back.  Sounds too easy, I know, I thought the same thing.  And I’ve read a few breakup books in my time.  The thing that has always plagued me about every breakup is the barrage of questions I force myself to wonder about.  All of those why’s, and whenever I’ve tried to get the answers from HIM, it’s only driven him further away.

Michael shows us in Module 1 why that’s the wrong thing to do, and though many authors have done the same thing, he does it in a way that really makes sense.  Module one is about changing your mindset to focus not on the breakup, but on the relationship itself.  That’s what you want back, right?  See how easy that sounds, and it was right in front of our eyes the whole time.  That’s what happens when you have a man offering the perspective for you, Michael lays it out because your boyfriend wont, because he thinks he’s not speaking to you right now.

If you follow the system right, your boyfriend will have another think coming. Michael teaches you how to remind him how much he misses you without looking like a crazy lady.  The key to getting him back in the M3 system is about taking him back to those moments he fell in love with you.  It is about pushing his emotional hot buttons in a way that makes him forget he was ever mad at you, or wanting to move on. It makes him think what your girlfriends have already said about him, that he was crazy to leave you in the first place.

See? They weren’t so wrong after all, and after you finish M3 you will know why they were right, and your boyfriend will too.

What I Liked

I like that this product was breakup inspired.  As nice as it is to see family and relationship therapists writing about their experiences and interviews, this system started as the product of some heart wrenching pain.  As bad as it sounds, misery loves company and that gave the product some credibility from the get go.  His videos are on the amateurish side from today’s standard of technology, but to me, that made it more real.  Sometimes the biggest experts in the field are the ones suffering the pain, so, I was moved by the simplicity of his technology. 

I am on the go quite a bit as well, so things that are multi media in nature to me that I can access from my phone or laptop real quick are appealing products to me, even if their camera technology isn’t state of the art. This is a system you can take anywhere and catch in bits and pieces, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, on your commute, while you are cooking dinner.  It’s excellently packaged to make it all very easy to use and work with whenever you can or want to.

I also liked that this was not one of those manipulative type systems.  There are products out there that work that use these emotional hot buttons in a way that could be deemed unattractive. Michael teaches what those unattractive qualities are and, how to avoid them actually.  He simply teaches you how to use those buttons to teach your man how to fall back in love with you, and who doesn’t want a relationship like that?  I’m not knocking the manipulative systems, they have their purpose and own carriage of perspective, but they’re not for everyone.  A lot of people will find Michael’s system appealing for that reason alone.

The most impressive thing about the M3 System is its multimedia nature. It consists of videos, audios and text formats. Every individual has a different style of learning they enjoy and by receiving this program in the various formats this makes the learning all the more enjoying and effective.

My Concerns

I don’t really have a lot about this system, it is one of the better making up systems I’ve seen yet.  That being said, I think now that it has been out for a while, some of the profits could be used to invest in some updating of the material.  The content is stellar, but the way it is delivered could be cleaned up a bit.  The bonuses were a nice touch, but that content could use some fresher material in later editions as well, as some did get a little repetitive. 

Lastly, I would say this system is not one for those that want to get him back within seven days.  This is more a working progress system, to give you the tools you need to fixing a fracture and moving towards a lasting committed relationship. So you know that’s not going to happen overnight.  I could see this system being most effective for breakups with relationships that have had some serious longevity and experienced some bumps in life together. 

Because this system is about making him fall in love with you again, he would need to have already been at that point in the first place, so this system is definitely geared towards repairing long term breakups successfully.  Those that need a quick fix or are getting dumped from casual or short term things may not be able to relate to some of this material.


The quality of testimonials definitely enhanced the perceived credibility of the product.  Some had pictures of the guy that used the system, and others you could see typos or errors making them appear legitimate.  The testimonials didn’t appear until I had already seen how massive this package was, so they didn’t sway my decision, but appeared legit.

Pricing, Guarantee, Bonuses

All of it, for only $47. This is a massive package of products, and as I said, you can’t put a price on answers.  And if you get him back, you won’t even remember how much you paid for it. The video system alone for the 3 M’s is worth the $47 but you also get a heap of bonuses. The video system is transcribed into an ebook for you, and you will get some how to audios like “What to do when you see your ex with someone else.”  There IS a full 100% guarantee, but another thing I like about this one is you can’t get a refund for 30 days after you buy, because he really wants you to go through the system first. It only seems fair, and like I said, in 30 days you will be so amazed you won’t even remember how much you paid for it.

Final Thoughts:  4 out of 5 hearts

I give this one two thumbs up for sure, and am sure it will be a resource I refer to in the future.  This is a good system that is presented logically, honestly, and easily and just about anyone can follow it.  If you need some cooling off, material such as this is the perfect way to do so.  It will give you the perspective you need, and the action plan to move forward once you’ve cleared your head a bit. 

There is something for everyone in this huge package of relationship material.  It lost a heart in technical difficulty, I think the dating on this product could use some updating, but the content within it is spectacular and a definite recommend.