How to Keep Him Once You Win Him Back

We have talked about how to win him back after a break up. If you are still working on how to win him back, you can get some great free videos by signing up in the box at the top to the right. You can also read the Magic of Making Up.

After you win him back, you will want to make sure you don’t go through this kind of heartache again. There are several techniques you can integrate into your everyday life that will keep him interested.

It is important to keep your man attracted to you and keep him on his toes. I am not going to tell you to lose weight or look like a beauty queen everyday. Once you win him back, these are not the most important things.

Understanding what men really want is key to keeping him. Men must feel they are respected and admired. I am going to repeat that, men MUST feel they are respected and admired. This doesn’t mean you need to walk around kissing his tail and changing who you are.

What it does mean is you need to truly appreciate him. Let him know how hard he works, what a wonderful boyfriend or husband he is. Kind words go far with the ego of a man. He needs to know you are interested. Smile, make gestures, be like you were when you were first trying to impress him. He needs to know he is important to you and that you still desire him.

Learning how to keep him interested is great for your relationship. There is a payoff in this for you also. Once your boyfriend or husband feels this admiration – he will return it to you without even knowing. It will just come naturally to him.

As women, we hold more power than we think to change the course of our relationship. Even if your boyfriend or husband is not interested in you or is lacking the desire to help make the relationship better. Your actions will cause a reaction!

Here is a list of tips and tricks on how to keep him interested:

1. Send him messages or call him at work – just saying ‘I love you’ or ‘thank you’

2. Cook his favorite meal when he has had a tough day.

3. Don’t be scared to initiate romantic moments.

4. Pack his lunch and put a love letter in it.

5. Set up a surprise date – doing something HE will enjoy.

6. You don’t have to be a beauty queen – but do keep up on your appearance.

7. Don’t ‘nag’ him about the chores that are needing done

8. Make time at least once a week to spend time alone without interruption.

This is a good start on how to keep him interested. A relationship needs spice and spontaneity to survive. It took work to win him back and now it is going to take work to keep him. The payoff in the end is a loving lasting relationship that grows through the years and brings you happiness.