Make Him Fall In Love With Me Again- How To Get Him Back

It is painful to know that you love someone and you are not sure how they are feeling about you. There is more to understand than just how to get him back. This is the piece that most people miss when trying to get an ex back. You don’t just want him back – you want to make him fall in love with you again!

It is not going to be beneficial for you to get him back only to end up in the same situation six months from now. We want to create happy lasting relationships that will last a lifetime after you win him back.

This is an important time to focus on what went wrong in your relationship. Ask yourself some of the following questions and reflect on them.

1. What part did I play in causing this relationship to end?

2. What made him fall in love with me in the first place?

3. How are those things different now compared to when we first fell in love?

4. What actions could I have taken to make our relationship stronger?

5. How did my reactions to certain situations cause problems or fights?

6. Could I have reacted differently and received different results?

7. What is it that made me fall in love with him?

8. Did we make time for our relationship together?

9. Do our fights get heated to the point that we hurt each other emotionally or physically?

10. Is there a deeper issue such as substance abuse or illness that needs to be addresses?

All of these questions are important to reflect on. Spend some time focusing on YOU! Take this opportunity to become a better person and know deep in your heart what you want from your life and your relationship.

You can learn how to get him back. The harder part is staying in love with each other. It is human nature to not miss something until it is gone. We take so many things in life for granted.

Look at this break up as an opportunity. Be okay with being apart for a while and know that you have the power to learn how to win back love and get back to him.


  1. Myron Brittan says:

    There are no perfect relationships as a result of differences in human nature which makes it imperative for everyone to act and behave in different ways although all co-exist together in a given environment or space. In order to determine our relationships we must have the knowledge, respect, privacy, acceptance, support and many other things that makes for a happy co-existence.

  2. Wadas says:

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  4. Nancy Powdel says:

    With so much garbage advice out there, I was looking for some sane advice on getting him back. Thank you.