When It Comes to Relationships Men Are Just Different

how to get your boyfriend backThere are so many books on the topic of relationship advice for women. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because some women find it difficult to really be on the same page with the men they’re dating.

Marriage will not bridge the difference between men and women, and if you get married without really understanding each other, you may find it difficult to deal with the relationship even after marriage.

If you’ve been trying to figure out your man for a while now without much success, here are some things that you need to know.

Men Want Results after Lengthy Discussions

One major difference between men and women is how they deal with problems. Women tend to prefer letting the issues stew and let the problems simmer until a solution “naturally” comes. This is the reason why women tend to talk to their girlfriends for hours about relationship problems without really coming up with any solution.

In a relationship, women bring this tendency to discuss problems simply to vent anger or express frustrations. This goes against a man’s tendency to crave results after the issue has been discussed several times already. What happens when a woman goes on and on about something and the man wants to solve the problem quickly? The woman thinks the man is insensitive, and the man thinks the woman is nagging.

Before you approach your man for your “talk”, make sure you have several solutions on hand. Don’t call him out when he wants to fix the problem once and for all after a few minutes of talking. Instead, work with him and pitch the solutions you thought of. Think of this advice when you’re relationship is on the rocks and you want to know how to get him back.

Men Express Feelings Through Actions

If he does not say he loves you often enough, don’t worry. Men are not as expressive as women because of several reasons. Society norms dictate that a man should not be too emotional, or else he will be called “girly” or “gay”. In a sense, men are naturally trained to be less expressive compared to women. They tend to act tough to prevent embarrassment. They may want to keep their tears in check so that they can become a source of your strength when you’re feeling low.

Although you wish that he can become your best buddy and confidante, he may not feel the same way. He may be able to share his opinions about relationships with a male friend, but not you.

But societal conditioning may not be the only reason why your man holds back with verbal expression of emotions. He may think that his actions can express his love more than his words. He thinks that his coming home on time daily, his faithfulness, his commitment to keep working to get you the vacation you want and his helping out with the housework are enough proof of his love.

One good relationship advice for women is “make him miss you.” Shower him with love when you’re together (maybe even in the shower?) so that he will miss you enough to express his emotions more openly the next time you meet.

Don’t let his silence stop you from showing him how he is valued and loved. Better yet, show him through your actions that you understand that he loves you even if he’s not saying it as often as you do.

You can achieve a loving relationship with him by doing things that show you value him as your partner.

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