Become a Master of Communication with Him

Right now, there are so many ways to contact each other. But why are some women still hard up when they want to express their real feelings to their ex boyfriend? There are many reasons, and one of them is pride.

Here’s the thing; the first step to get back a lover is to communicate with him.

If you’re wondering “how can I get him back”, the first step is to create an environment where he can tell you his thoughts without being scared about your reaction. You don’t have to keep wondering “how do I make him love me” if you can keep him engaged in a fascinating conversation with you over the phone.

Make the Call Yourself

Because you have his cell phone number, you can always call him. You have an idea about his routine, so you probably know the best time to call. If he drops the call, and texts you instead, you can jokingly tell him that he’s lame. Make it seem like you really think it’s funny and don’t fly off the handle over it.

Remember, a man can feel extremely anxious about talking to an ex girlfriend on the phone. Nowadays, a man may resort to other “safer” ways to communicate. Texting makes sure you won’t be able to yell at him until his eardrums explode. Email is even more convenient because he can delete it without opening it (or tag it as spam so you can never send him messages again). When you call him and he doesn’t talk much or he keeps listening to you, make sure you sound excited.

Directly Tell Him Your Thoughts

You know why he has not called you in a while? He fears that he may be scolded over the phone or get roped into a conversation that’s full of negativities. Be positive. And more importantly, be direct.

Hoping that he will pick up on subtleties won’t work. Dropping hints like telling him you’re free for the weekend and leaving it at that could be mistaken for something else, and not an invitation for a date. When a man tells you he’s got free time, we automatically pick up on that and expect a date invitation. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to be more direct with him if you want to conversation to go in the direction you want.

A man would rather tune out the cryptic messages in the text he received from you, or in your conversation. For him, it’s just a waste of time to ask you about what you really mean. He may also be dreading a fight on the phone, which could make him clam up and not talk anymore.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Competition

While looking at his photos on the social network, have you ever asked yourself: “how do I make him love me if there are other girls always around to tempt him?” Being single because the two of you broke up will make him vulnerable to other women. You may feel tempted to reply to comments from other girls on his facebook wall, but the best thing to do is to ignore them.

You have the advantage when figuring out how to make him love you because you have what other girls don’t have:

a past with him.

Building your relationship again is never easy. But you don’t have to start from nothing. Remember, you’ve been with him in the past and you know what makes him laugh. You also know what he likes to eat, where he goes to when he’s stressed, and what his hobbies are.

You are way ahead of other women when it comes to knowing what your man is thinking. What you know about him and the things you have shared together are all great materials for building a conversation with someone you want back in your life. In a world now filled with electronic communication, let a phone call with you be something special.

It helps you stand out from other girls who are more than happy to communicate with their thumbs or via their Facebook page.