Does NOT Calling or Texting Make Your Ex Miss You More

If you are like most of us who have been through a devastating break up and you want your ex back – you have been calling and texting like crazy. At this painful point of your life it may seem like the only logical thing to do.

Well, I am going to tell you to STOP!!! Does not calling or texting make your ex miss you more? Absolutely!! If you are calling and texting you are driving them further away and this is not what you want.

When you are constantly trying to make contact or ‘show up’ where he might be – you make yourself too available and even look desperate. I know that may sound harsh and I don’t mean to be, but it is true.

He needs to feel that you are strong and independent. Let him think you are okay with this break up – even if deep inside you are not. This is how to get your ex boyfriend back.

He will get curious as to why the sudden stop. He will start thinking that maybe you have found someone else or that you don’t care anymore. It is human nature to want what you can’t have. Yes, that old saying is very true.

He will start to think that he CAN’T have you and naturally you will get him back. You must make your ex miss you first though.

Not calling or texting is the very first step to get him back into your arms. This will not happen overnight. It may take some time – he will have to know you are serious and not just playing games with him.

In the mean time you can start working on YOU! Do all those things you have been putting off. Join a gym or club, get a new hobby or hook up with old friends you have lost touch with.

Keep yourself busy and work hard on a positive attitude. Don’t let yourself get depressed. Listen to and read motivational books – they are always inspiring and seem to keep you focused on your goals.

Here is some great reading material to get you started.

Seduce Your Ex -  This is a great E-book geared toward women.  The author really digs down into relationships, how the breakdown starts and allows you to pinpoint what went wrong.

That is not all – after you narrow down what went wrong he teaches you how to FIX IT!  This is a very eyeopening read with the BEST insights to understanding a man and knowing exactly what they want and need.


  1. Kat Mc says:

    How long before he really starts thinking about you again? When should I expect a call back from him?

  2. Elissa says:

    Tough to sit back and not do anything. This is nuts. I need to get out and get my mind OFF OF HIM!

  3. Ann B says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share this, I think that you are right. Doesn’t make the urge to call him any easier to deal with though.

  4. Erin Bollin says:

    Thanks for the relationship advice! I want to call him sooo bad! Just talk to me! But I’m being patient. :-/

  5. Lisa says:

    Patience is the key. Do whatever you need to do to not make that first move.


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  2. Anne says:

    [...] women make a mistake by calling their ex, this is not the way to get him back. If he calls, you should just speak about general topics, and never mention getting back together. [...]