Getting Him Back After Cheating on Him

how to get him backThere aren’t many books on relationship advice for women who cheated because men are usually the ones who cheat. But if you’re on this page, you’ve probably done a bad thing that harmed your relationship. Read this if your goal is to get your ex back after a cheating incident.

If you’re the one who cheated on your boyfriend, you may feel desperate to find out how to get him back.

You have a lot of things to deal with: his anger, his distrust and his retaliation. He may be talking to other women right after your break up to spite you. He may have closed his doors to you completely.

You see, men and women are different when it comes to dealing with heart break. He may show behavior that makes you think he will never forgive you.

So… is there still hope for your relationship? Yes. Follow these next steps if you want to find out how to get him back.

How to Get Your Man Back After Cheating on Him

1. Be Patient

When you accept that you aren’t going to get your ex back overnight, you become less impatient. Just think of how you would feel if he were the one who cheated. Give him time to sort out his emotions before you can start re-building his trust.

In his mind, you’ve done him wrong and he needs time to nurse his wounds. Showing impatience at this point will only throw him off and hinder his recovery. Rushing him to make the decision to trust you again is not a good thing to do if you’re still figuring out how to get him back.

As long as you have stated your intention to get back together, your man will keep that thought in mind while he’s sorting out his feelings. When he’s calm and he can see that you’re sincere, he will start to trust you again.

2. Be Upfront

Lying through your teeth will only get you in trouble. Once you’re busted, you need to be upfront about your cheating incident. If you have to give him a reason for your cheating, try not to put all the blame on him. Making him feel guilty for something you did is not a good idea. It’s like you’re passing blame, which will turn him off even more.

Do you really have to explain yourself? Yes.

Saying “it just happened” won’t get you closer to reconciliation. He knows that if you don’t deal with the reasons for the cheating, you’re going to repeat it again in the future. If you’re really at a loss when it comes to why you gave in to temptation, do some soul searching or consult with a professional psychologist. Your man demands explanation, and you should be able to give it.

3. Prove Your Sincerity

Explain to him that you’re at fault and misunderstandings inside the relationship may have contributed to the cheating. Once you’ve stated your reasons, don’t dwell on them. Let him know that you’ve made a mistake, then move on. To start with, think of a way to prove your sincerity. You can erase that person’s number from your cell phone, you can look for another job (if the third party is in your workplace) or you can change your phone number altogether.

Cheating on him is a tough subject. If you are looking for detailed advice on this, you should check out the guide on seducing your ex. Written specifically for women, it has great techniques for getting him back after cheating.


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