How to Get Him Back After a Break Up

Do you notice how popular magazines become when they offer relationship advice for women especially articles about how to get him back after a break up? A woman’s relationship with her man is one of the main priorities in a woman’s mind. This is particularly true if a woman is suffering from the after effects of a break up, she has just lost her lover to some other girl, or when she’s desperate to learn how to get him back.

3 Tips on How to Get Him Back After a Break Up

1. Build Your Self-Esteem

When your relationship turns sour, you end up thinking about how much your man has changed over time. Unfortunately, he may be thinking the same thing about you. One main reason why men stray is the amount of insecurity that a woman shows. A woman may think that her man likes it when she shows excessive jealousy over trivial things because this proves the amount of love she has for him, but the opposite happens. A woman with low self esteem can wear out her man.

This is why you should always focus on recovering your self esteem before coming up with a plan to get your ex back.

You may think that self esteem has a lot to do with pride, which is why you don’t want to compromise your pride when dealing with your man. However, pride may be the poison that’s preventing you from really getting to know your man and his role in your life. Having a healthy self esteem means knowing when you’re at fault and recognizing the right time to lower your pride.

When you have good self esteem, you can also refrain from playing the part of the victim and you can handle yourself well when you’re finally having your talk with your ex again.

2. Make Him Miss You

This tip is related to the first one. While you’re working on fixing yourself and regaining your confidence, you are actually making him miss you. Men, like women, need space to think. He needs to reminisce the good times and figure out why bad things happened in your relationship. Nagging him during this time will only annoy him, and strengthen his resolve to leave you for good.

While you’re making him miss you by keeping your distance, you’re also forcing him to look at your relationship from the perspective of a man who has a choice in the matter. Some men simply pack up and leave because they feel stifled by the relationship. When the relationship you had with him was really good, and there are more pleasant memories than bad ones, he will realize how important you are to him and how much he needs you in his life.

3. Seek Help

Friends are great as sounding boards if you’re on the fence about your relationship’s status. They can tell you what aspect of the relationship you can work on, and they can be completely honest with you when it comes to your mistakes.

However, there are some people you need to avoid when you’re feeling vulnerable. Avoid dealing with people who have become bitter about relationships because they’re likely to confuse you more. Positive thoughts and advice will help you get over your broken heart and strengthen your resolve to get your ex back.