#1 Mistake Made When Trying To Get Him Back

When trying to get him back women tend to rely solely on the emotion they are feeling. You want to win him back, but the way we go about it is generally completely wrong. It is something that we all do.

It is human nature to want to explain ourselves and get him to understand how much we love him, how we messed up, desperately miss him and can’t go on without him. If we could just get him to understand our feelings – then he would come back.

This is not going to work! The psychology of a man is different than that of a woman and he will only be pushed further away by us begging and pleading. If you really want your ex boyfriend or husband back, you need to learn a different approach.

I understand it is going to be hard and this proven method goes against everything we THINK we need to do. Just think about it though – have you already been doing these things? My guess is that you have. Well, is it working yet? Probably not.

Lets work together and learn a different approach to get him back to you and in your arms again.

The way to get him back is to first – LET HIM GO!

Yes, you read that right – You Must First Let Him Go.

There is some psychology that comes into play when learning how to get him back. The one secret you must understand is that men love a chase. When you stop calling, texting and asking his friends about him, he will not be able to stop thinking about why.

He may never admit this – but – he IS thinking about you and what you are doing. You can’t win him back or make him wonder what is is going on in your life when he constantly is hearing from you. Give him the space to realize what he is missing and he WILL start missing you.

This is how to get him back fast! It will not be very long and he will be the one asking your friends about you – then he will finally break down and find a way to make contact with you.

This proven technique is going to take patience and self control. It will be hard to not have contact and not ask friends and family about him. If you want to get him back forever and have a lasting relationship – this is the first step to achieving that.

For now, lets focus on being OKAY with this break up. Take this time to look into yourself and find peace of mind.