Effective Techniques That Will Have Him Begging You Back

If you are going through a break up – I first want to say that I am sorry for your pain. I know you don’t believe it right now – but you can get him back. We first must get you in the right state of mind.

I understand you are scared and devastated. Right now this break up is weighing heavily on your mind. The heartache alone can be unbearable, then on top of that you may have financial pressures if you lived together. There are also sometimes children to think about and how devastating this break up is to them.

You can learn how to get him back. No matter what the situation is – yes that is right. Whether there is another woman, divorce has been filed or you are the one who messed up. All of these situations can be turned around – you can learn how to get your ex boyfriend back.

This will not happen overnight as some may claim – but with patience, persistence and the right tools you will win him back and he will be begging for your acceptance. This is not a game or a magic spell. It simply comes down to human nature and understanding the psychology of how relationships work.

The first thing you must do is to end all contact. Take this break that is needed for both of you. Don’t worry about another woman or him moving on – just take this break. The other woman is nothing compared to you – it is okay. Do not call, text, e-mail or ask his friends about him. Don’t try to show up where he may be.

The only time you should have contact is if it is necessary because of work or to exchange children for visitation. The next thing I am going to say is very important.

If you see your ex – you must be cordial and friendly. Don’t be rude, don’t try to talk about your relationship or problems. Don’t start arguments or allow yourself to engage in one with him. Just be friendly, calm, cool and collected. Keep conversation light and general. This is just the first step in how to get your boyfriend back.

By stopping all contact you will create a curiosity in him. Especially if you have been desperate to get him back and have been calling and texting. All of a sudden – when you stop – he will wonder what is going on with you.

His curiosity will eventually get the best of him. It may take two days or it may take three weeks. Trust me, it will get to him if you play it right.

I know it will be hard to cut this contact. You can take this time to improve yourself. Do some soul searching and try to figure out how you could have made your relationship better.

This is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or go to the gym. Do something that you have wanted to, but were to preoccupied with him before. Keeping yourself busy during this time will help you.

When you do end up running into him or having contact – you want to be happy. You need to be able to exude true happiness and let him notice that you are okay with the break up. This will further cause him curiosity and get you closer to getting him back.

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  1. Ola Streu says:

    simply, this was worth the read. looking forward to more of your articles, have a good one ;)

  2. Holliman says:

    Thank you so much for the information, I it helped me so much get back together with my ex, we’ve been together for a long time now.