How to Make Him to Miss You? Use a Little Mind Control on Him

get him backMany women are looking for new ways to seduce their current boyfriend or one they recently lost. By using simple mind control techniques, you can make him miss you and get him back.

The advice of getting him back by first getting making him miss you is on the right track. You see, in the relationship game, a man who misses a woman desires to be with her again. This is true whether your separation is for a week or several months.

Let’s examine the latest methods hypnotherapists are using for mind control and how it can be applied to your relationship.

What the Professionals Say

You want to make him forget about the bad things and remember the good ones. Chances are that you may have said something you didn’t mean, and this is stuck in his mind. By using mind control, you can actually get him to forget it and make him miss you again. This can be hard to do when he refuses to see you.

Men generally don’t prefer spending time with their ex partners, and that is why you need to learn how to attract him again. When done right, the thoughts you are able to implant in his brain will make him come back to you sooner than you could realize. You just have to set up a sound strategy, work on it and soon you will start to see a change in him and he will miss you.

The effectiveness of the method will depend on how much time you spent together, how you separated and the reason for the break-up. The more memories you share together, the better chance you have to make him miss you.

The techniques are easy to learn, and you can’t lose anything by giving mind control a try. If he is indifferent, he might have already convinced himself that the relationship is over. But you need to give it a shot. And, even if your man doesn’t start to miss you gain, you will have learned a new technique on attracting men into your life. 

Manipulative Psychology

The best way to do this is to use some manipulative psychology, to get what you want when you want it. One thing you need to remember that your will has to be stronger than your ex’s. It is possible to alter other people’s thoughts by using the right language patterns. In most of the cases simply reasoning with him doesn’t work, as he will not seriously listen to you. You should focus on targeting his unconscious mind.

Start by first thinking about something he really appreciated in your relationship, this is where you begin the process of getting him to miss you. Then think about things you did together and he enjoyed the most. When was he smiling and laughing? That’s a strong signal to both of you that he enjoyed your time together and might well again.

Timing the Encounter with Him

Then, arrange to bump into him at a place that he frequents and, when you say, you can casually mention that thing you did together. Be somewhat indifferent about it. Sure a found memory for you but that was then and you have since moved on.  Alternatively, if you become friends again, you can use unique language patterns to influence his mind. It is as simply as planting a thought, such as, “Remember when we…” or “What was the name of that place where we went…?” And then just change the subject because you don’t want to let on that you are trying to stir up the past.

Although this technique will help to make him miss you, understand that most men have a similar thought process. So, it will also help you attract other men, not just your ex.

This is just one technique of many. If you are looking to really step up your game, I suggest you check out the guide on seducing your ex. Written specifically for women, it is filled with highly effective techniques for getting him back.


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