Relaxation Techniques that are Good for Your Relationship

Let’s face it, you’re not up to the challenge of seducing a man if you feel like crap because of stress. In fact, seducing him may be impossible when you’re tearing your hair out because you’re too stressed to focus on your relationship right now.

Being together with your boyfriend when you’re at your worst is not a good idea. You may be doing more damage than good if you feel stressed and your boyfriend invites you to a date. When you’re stressed, you feel like taking it out on someone, and your boyfriend is the available person to vent your stress on.

It doesn’t matter what’s causing stress. It may be your job or your family situation that’s making you miserable. Even the most patient boyfriend in the world wouldn’t be able to keep on supporting you if you’re in this state every time you talk on the phone or meet up for a date.

In the heat of the moment, he may want out of the relationship if it has become like a living hell for him. (The truth hurts, I know.)

When you break up with your boyfriend because you don’t think he’s supportive and understanding enough, you may be regretting it now. What’s important now is for you to start making up with your boyfriend.

Don’t be like the other girls who are still haunted by the break up with man they love. But also don’t try to get him back without first dealing with the stress.

Here are some ways to de-stress your life before making up with your boyfriend.

1. Plan Your Schedule

The tasks that are making you tense should be gone by the time you meet up with your beau. Finish a tough assignment early so that you have more time for your date preparation. Turn your date preparation time into something that can help you relax. Get a many-peddy before your date, or arrive early so you can sip your coffee (decaf of course or how about some herbal tea) in a relaxed manner before your boyfriend arrives.

2. Think Happy Thoughts

You don’t have to look far to find something to make you laugh. Go to one of the many video sharing sites online and find a video that makes you laugh. If you’re into comedy skits, watch a clip of Seinfeld, SNL or Friends online. Guys do pick up on this. The more you uplift your mood before you meet up with your boyfriend, the more effective you will be when seducing him.

3. Learn to Prioritize

Have a ready answer for people when they try to ask you to go with them after work. Even when you’re not meeting up with your boyfriend, you need time to relax when you’re feeling stressed. Prioritizing a casual meeting with co-workers over your workout, for instance, could cause you stress because you feel guilty.

Money plays a role in stress too, so you need to learn to manage your finances. If you feel like making up with your boyfriend on his turf, hold off on some of your other “wants” (like bags, shoes and perfume) so that you can treat him to a ballgame or fight night. Show him that you know him and are willing to share what you have.

If your man is always playing second fiddle to your other priorities, you will be putting stress into your relationship. Making up with him may not be as easy if there’s tension because you can’t relax around him. But many women have done it and are now happier than ever because they got their relationship back on track.

Regret is tough to shake and stress is manageable. If you miss the chance at making up because you cannot deal with stress, you may live your life wishing you did something to make your relationship more than it you did.