Tips for How to Get Him Back

how to get him backBreaking up with someone you still care about can hurt you deeply. It doesn’t matter if you were the one to call it quits, your mind starts reeling once you realize just how much you miss your ex.

You also start thinking about the good times and the many happy memories you shared. You start regretting the events and actions that led to the break up.

If you don’t know where to start fixing your relationship to get your boyfriend back, here are three tips:

1 – Grieve. When we’re angry, we say bad things. We end up shouting and saying things we don’t mean. We tend to let emotions take over logic. We hurt others because of the hurt we feel. It is perfectly normal for you to feel guilty and remorseful after a break up. But the sooner you can let go of the negative emotions, the faster you can think of a plan on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

But how can you exorcise these bad feelings? The answer is simple: grieve.

Do you know the five stages of grief? First your mind goes in denial, and you find yourself acting like everything’s fine. Then you feel angry, like you’re the victim and he has treated you unfairly. Then you start acting desperate and you bitterly remember your past. When you’re over the bad feelings and you’ve sorted out your emotions, you finally accept that he’s gone from your life.

Grieving over your relationship is normal, and you need to devote some time to doing this. You cannot start thinking of a strategy on how to get your ex boyfriend back if you’re still angry, bitter or in denial. Let it out of your system and then think of a plan.

2 – Don’t Rush It. The pain caused by breaking up is not one-sided. Just like you, he may still be hung up about the relationship and the way it ended. The only difference is that he may not be so eager to get back together. You can’t blame your ex if he is still not ready to talk. Like you, he’s probably going through his own grieving process.

Even if you’re desperate to learn how to get your boyfriend back, you should never rush the reconciliation process.

When we say “give him time”, you’re really letting the good memories of your relationship work for you. Reminding him daily about the pain of your break up will only hinder your plans to get your boyfriend back. Once the bad memories that led to your break up start to fade, he will start becoming receptive to your offer to get back together. In short, give him time to miss you.

3 – Focus on Starting Anew. When you finally have your talk, don’t bring your bitterness about your lost relationship along. This is the time to feel like you’re really starting over. Accept that you’re starting from scratch. This means you should never bring up the past issues. If he brings them up, don’t get provoked. Instead, show him how you’ve grown since you last saw each other.

Don’t do anything or say anything that will remind him of your past actions. In short, you’re showing him that you’ve changed for the better. If you haven’t been eating right because of your grief, make sure you’re in top shape when you meet up with him. Be more attractive the next time you see each other, so that he can really feel your sincerity to try rekindling your love.