Want to Get Him Back? Here’s How to Make Him Miss You Now!

You might have just separated from your boyfriend or maybe you are separated from your husband, and now you want to turn back time.  Here are some practical tips on how to make him miss you.

Do you know what you really want?

You have to be careful to make sure you really want him back because, if you follow this advice, in no time at all, he is going to call you and he’s going to want to get back together.

Try these proven methods and watch what happens.

Where are you starting from?

The methods to use vary depending on how close you were together. If you were together for years, it will be much easier to get him back. If, on the other hand, you were together only for a few months, you will have to try a bit harder to make him miss you. But the basic concept is to make him remember the good times you spent together and forget about the not so good things you were through. So you should emphasize the good things and make the bad ones seem insignificant.

As guys are practical creatures, you should make sure that there is something he can’t do without you or can’t enjoy quite the same way without you around. It can be how you prepared his favorite food, a special way of making his bed (or that it got made at all), or just reminding him of something fun you used to do together (maybe even something intimate).

If you left some stuff at his house, you could ask for it back. And, if you know he liked one of your perfumes, you should wear something of his with that scent before handing it back to him. These little things will keep the memory of the good times with you alive.

Let’s Be Friends

You can also offer to be friends… I know what you are thinking but let me explain.

Friends share things with each other. Tell him about the things you are up to, how you are living your life. The whole concept is to find a way of how to make him miss you by showing that you are not bothered by the breakup and are getting along well. If he compares your behavior with his feelings, he will realize that he misses you. You will be able to show him a new side of you as you build your friendship without the pressure of dating. And, to really make him miss you, you always show up in cute outfits, with your makeup done and wearing just a little of that perfume he likes so much.

Change is Good Right Now

A makeover is a great to make him miss you because if you look stunning, he will start checking out who you are going out with, and wishing it was him again. Men like women who think they are beautiful; this is a sure way to make him miss you. 

You might also want to change some of your ways right now. It is true, if you are changing for the better, wear those changes with pride. But make sure those changes are positive ones; you should not become a party animal or shopping maniac after the breakup – that would surely push him away.

Think about how you reacted during the last couple weeks and, if you didn’t react in the best fashion, what you could have done differently. Create the persona that you changed those behaviours by really changing.

The number one secret of how to make him miss you is that you should make him realize what he lost. If what he lost was special, he will be back in no time.

So, it’s time to make him remember how special you really are.


  1. Tyler Feazell says:

    “you should not become a party animal or shopping maniac after the breakup…” been there, done that. :-p

  2. Annie says:

    I don’t agree about asking to be friends. That hasn’t worked for me in the past.
    - Annie

  3. Olivia M says:

    I’m extremely impressed with your writing. Some of the most practical advices on getting him back I’ve seen. Thank you! Olivia

  4. Lorie Vaglienty says:

    I agree that guys are practical creatures. I did get my boyfriend back using a very similar approach. Together we’re great. Apart, he really misses me. When I’m not there he feels a hole in his weekly routine.

  5. Eileen Daubs says:

    My boyfriend and I were very close. Then, for some reason, I started freaking out whenever he left for a business trip. Now I am trying to get him back but he is not responding to my texts.

  6. Toni says:

    I wanted to really make him miss me but I kept bumping into him at the grocery store and I was wearing sweats and a workout shirt! Ugh!

  7. Abby G says:

    Prepared his favorite food? Seriously? For heaven’s sake… it is 2011 people!!! Let him cook his own meals!

  8. Lisa says:

    Abby, preparing a meal for another person can be an act of love. There is something special about a meal prepared with care. You might consider stepping back and thinking about how you felt when someone special prepared your favorite meal for you and did so with love. – Lisa

  9. Keshan says:

    My husband and I were in agrement on this one. Great ideas and not at all simplistic, Just good advice which people might really get to take advantage of in getting him back in their lives. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

  10. James says:

    Seriously? This piece of advice works for women? As a guy, I still don’t get women. Maybe the girls I date are different? Sure, I get that us guys want what we can’t have but some times we just want a woman to pay more attention to us.

  11. Kelly P says:

    Love your site! I am impressed with the detailed recommendations. Lisa you ROCK! Thanks, Kelly.

  12. Sexy Kat says:

    I know you say don’t use sex to manipulate men but I’ve done it quite successfully. I’ve been able to get my ex’s attention plenty of times by flirting and leading him on.

  13. Cathy S says:

    I do love these posts. You always make me smile. Great food for thought regarding my personal relationships. I’ve not been able to get my ex boyfriend to call me back and I’ve reached out to him dozens of times. Any thoughts? Cathy S.

  14. Stacey W says:

    I feel the principle applies in relationships. Excellent post, I really like reading this. Thanks.

    - Stacey

  15. Lisa says:

    Hi Cathy. The problem might be that you did reach out to him DOZENS of times. Remember, men like to do the hunting… not be hunted (stalked?). Sign up for our email updates to get some simple, yet practical advice on how to get him back. – Lisa

  16. Jenn says:

    Hi went on four great dates with a guy, had lots of laughs, great conversation and lots of chemistry and we would talk and text alot no we didn’t have sex but not sure what happened and every now and then we text I miss him and thought we really got along what should I do, try and text him see if I should try and get together I know he had lot of work issues going on and texted me he has been busy and stressed..(he is with new job) help don’t want to seem desperate but like him and miss him felt great with him!

  17. Lisa says:

    Hi Jenn! The trick now is to arrange a chance “bump into him.” You should know where he hangs out, so just happen to be there (with a girlfriend). And be sure to put in the effort to look your best. Let him run into you this time but ask him to call you later because you are there with your friend. Trust me, a little hard to get goes a long way.

    Good luck!
    - Lisa

  18. Cathryn says:

    People deserve a happy life and a healthy relationship. Make it much better.

  19. Gerri says:

    I can arelady tell that’s gonna be super helpful.

  20. Katie says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Me and my boyfriend broke up less than a week ago. We dated for 6 months and everything was going great. He went through a bad breakup before we dated and I was unsure how ready he was for another relationship. Sometimes I felt myself pushing towards him web he wanted to be more casual at first.
    Last week he said he still cared about me but didn’t want a relationship. We have txted back and forth a few times. Whats my next step?!

  21. Juliet says:

    Hi, i’ve been dating wuth a guy for 2 months, we argued a lot because i was annoying – i called or texted him 20 times a day :( . Week ago he broke up with me, than i text him, called him and things like that . Yeasterday he text me: “delete my number”
    Is there any chance i can get him back?

  22. Kitty Clemente says:

    Hi, not sure if you got my other message but my husband and I really like your blog. :) We’re both bloggers ourselves, and he insisted that I message you. We used to spend a bunch of time writing blog posts, which is ok because we love to write. hehe. :-)

  23. Lisa says:

    Juliet, time is of the essence. Read my most popular articles on this site first (right hand column). Then, you might consider buying the Seduce Your Ex program for a step by step approach.