Why Not Calling Will Get Your Boyfriend Back

The best advice I can give when trying to get your boyfriend back is to NOT call. I understand this may not make sense to you. Yes, it is going to be very hard. You want to talk to him and explain yourself.

Please believe me the worst thing you can do right now is have contact with your ex. If you want to get you ex boyfriend back you need to allow him space for a while. Calling and texting him will make him feel smothered and push him further away.

The psychology behind this is that people want what they can’t have. There is truth in the statement that you don’t know what you have until it is gone. It is a must to let him miss you in order to get him back.

You may be thinking that he is not going to miss you. If you had any sort of relationship, trust me, he will think about you – he will wonder why you all of a sudden stopped calling and texting.

The lack of communication will get him to start thinking about you. This is the first step in how to get him back. By ending all contact you are creating curiosity in his mind. Remember how people want what they can’t have?

You are starting the cycle of him thinking that he can’t have you. It really does work! No calling, texting, e-mailing, showing up where he might be or asking his family or friends about him.

Take this break to work on you. There are several things you can do that will be a start of making your relationship better when you do get him back. Get motivated to stop a habit that may have bothered him, join a gym, pick up a hobby or get in touch with old friends.

All of these things will keep you occupied and busy so you are not thinking about calling. It will also make you independent and therefore even more attractive to your ex boyfriend. You can get your boyfriend back by playing your cards right.

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