How to Make Him Miss You When He’s On Business

Today’s post is a guest post from Christine Clark, author of the Make Him Miss You Guide.

We live in a day and age where out of sight can mean out of mind, so if your boyfriend is heading away on business for a few days, or yikes, even longer, you might be feeling more than a little bit of disappointment right now. 

It’s easy to say just be thankful he has a job to go away for, but when your heart is aching, that’s the furthest thing from your mind.  The good news is that you can make him miss you before he even leaves, and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss right here.  If you play your cards right, you can make him miss you by tapping into those oh so powerful methods of seducing a man, even when he’s not in the same room. 

The key is to change your mindset from frustration or disappointment to one of excitement.  This is not bad news, rather, consider it an opportunity to reignite some of your passion.  If you can make him miss you NOW, you may even make him never want to go away again.

Step 1:  Use your last night or day together to your fullest advantage. 

This is the time to pull out all of the stops, right down to the racy lingerie.  Even if he never gets a chance to see it all, give him a peek with a little bit of strategically placed lace.  Make sure you have a date, or at least a drive to the airport together where he will have the opportunity to take one last long look at you before he leaves. 

This is not the day to trek to the airport in your Juicy Couture suit.  Not sexy.  You want him to get on that plane thinking of nothing but what a hot tamale he will have waiting for him when he returns.

Why is this one important in making him miss you?

Last impressions are lasting impressions.  The last thing he sees you in, or the last experience he has with you will be the ones that he takes with him day in and day out of his business trip.  If you want to make him miss you, do you really want your coffee-stained velour track suit to be the last thing he sees on you?

Now you get it.  When it comes to seducing a man, it’s easier than it sounds, they are visual creatures that need those fires stoked.  So…stoke it, without saying a word.

Step 2:  Ease off on the “checking in”.

This one is a tough one for women because women are ingrained to do just that.  There are a number of reasons to this rule, but in this case, remember that he’s away on business.  And chances are, he doesn’t want to be there any more than you want him to be there.  So make him miss you by not being as present to him, and he will be appreciative.  By the same token, he’s probably busy. 

If he’s just landed a huge account and needs to fly across the country to seal the deal, the LAST thing he will appreciate is 10-20 texts in the middle of an important meeting.

He is busy but that doesn’t mean that he’s not that into you.  It just means, he’s busy.  When it comes to attracting a man, a little absence actually DOES make the heart grow fonder.  So make him miss you by not being as present as you normally are.

Step 3:  Okay, send him one text. 

You’ve done everything right up to this point, and you may not even need any more tips on how to make him miss you when he’s on business, however, this final step will truly clinch the deal.  And you get rewarded for your patience by taking one final step to make him miss you.

You get one text.  Use it wisely, use it correctly, and you WILL make him miss you.

Remember the strategically placed lace in step 1? 

Use that same piece of lace now.  But instead of strategically placing it on YOU, strategically place it somewhere else…on the floor…hanging off a get the picture.  Take a picture with your phone, type NOTHING, and hit SEND. Now you are seducing a man without him even being in the room. 

You’ll hear from him soon enough.

Thanks, Christine, great advice!

About the Author

Christine Clark is just a normal gal like you who, when she was seeing her relationship slip through her fingers, decided to do something about it. She made it her mission to read everything from all the so-called experts (mostly written by men), try all the techniques, and come up with a better way, the step-by-step plan for getting her man back.

She developed a program that can help you get your guy back – the right way – without having to suffer through any more of the pain and rejection.  It is based becoming your best – the real you — and turning the tables to make him miss you so much that he has to have you back in his life.  If right now that seems impossible, you should check out her guide.