The Best Way for Regular Gals Like You And Me To Make Him Miss You

If you are dealing with a breakup, you are dealing with a lot of negative emotions right now.  Not exactly a news flash.  Among these emotions are feelings of frustration, pain, and an overall sense of just being plain unlovable. 

Whatever it was that caused the breakup, all you can think about right now is that you want to make your ex want you again like he used to.  The fact is that you aren’t unlovable.  He’s already proven that.  So even though you’re feeling like he’d rather date Cindy Crawford than a regular gal like you, there is nothing further from the truth.  Well, not exactly, every guy wants a date with Cindy, but that doesn’t make you unlovable.  So grab that box of tissues and wipe away your last tear. 

Here we are going to wade through those emotions of yours and get to the crux of what really matters, how to make him miss you, even when you’re not Cindy Crawford.

The most difficult part of every breakup lies in the factor of rejection.  Rejection sucks!  When you feel rejected, that is when you feel unattractive and unlovable.  So the best way for regular gals like you and me to make him miss you again is to get over that hurdle.  Do everything in your power to look and feel attractive and lovable again.  You probably aren’t looking your best right now because you’ve been crying and moping for long enough. You’ve had your cry, now it’s time to get your groove back and feel fabulous again.

How you do this will depend on you. 

Dr. Phil says we generate the results we believe we deserve.  So take a good long look at yourself right now and see what it is that you can change that will make you look and feel more attractive today.  What results are you generating?  Are you generating results that indicate you feel you deserve nothing but the best?  Or are you generating results that show the world you deserve to feel unlovable? 

You are the one that makes the statement, and when you are messed up with swollen, red eyes, frumpy post-breakup ice cream wardrobes, you are telling the world that you feel this way because you deserve to feel this way.

Generate the results that you feel you deserve by putting your best foot forward

It’s time to stop obsessing about him, and start obsessing about you.  Make him miss you by remembering all of the things he fell in love with. 

If you want to get a guy back, you need to trigger the emotional buttons that made him look at you twice to begin with.  Seducing a man is very easy when you look hot.  If he sees you looking hot, that’s exactly what he will think of as well.  He will also be wondering who it is exactly that you are trying to impress.  If you want to make your ex want you, you have to give him something to want.

The next thing to keep in mind is that attracting a man and keeping a man is not only about looking fabulous, but also about being a little mysterious.  Don’t give too much away too soon, you want him to be wondering.  And you want him to be wondering a LOT. If you give all of your “new you” secrets away too fast too soon, he will see what is going on, and may even move the other direction.  If you want to know how to make him miss you, stoke the fires of mystery. 

The second you start to make him wonder what is up with you, the sooner you will make him miss you AND make your ex want you again.

Too many of us get lost in the getting back together process by trying to overanalyze and obsess every complicated detail.  It’s not that complicated.  MEN aren’t that complicated.  If you want to make your ex boyfriend miss you, look fabulous, and stay mysterious, at every possible opportunity.  And, if you’ve done all the right things to do so, you’ll also be feeling pretty great about yourself, regardless of the outcome. 

That also is a very powerful tool when you are trying to get a guy back.  When you get his wheels turning wondering what is up with you, you’ve accomplished the most difficult hurdle to get your boyfriend back… getting him to miss you.